Imagine Automating The Entire Experience Journey from Inquiry to Payment

A Single System built for Today’s CRM + PMS  + Invoicing

Zenya is the only 360 degree fully-integrated automation solution that works with your company’s current systems offering a more streamlined practice to create efficiency and profits.

Our ability to interconnect across the ecosystem enhances the entire customer experience from initial inquiry through CRM; to exemplary guest experience by eliminating unnecessary manual and repetitive tasks in operations, leading to faster response and service, instant communication with a reduction of errors and expenses. Zenya improves satisfaction with all partners allowing for higher profit margins and occupancy.

We are a fully-customizable solution that will package in the way that offers the most value; greater guest experience, enhanced functionality, higher employee and partner satisfaction.


Contact: Jesal Sangani
Email: jesal@zenya.io
Website: www.zenya.io
Twitter: @zenyaio