Helen Sandman

Helen Sandman
MG Sales Performance

I have been selling and delivering sales training for 30 years and I’ve got pretty good at it. In fact, why don’t you ask any of my customers from the serviced apartment, hotel and travel sector and find out what they think?

They will tell you that I walk my talk, only delivering sales training that works in the real-world. After all, the market is tough enough. What with procurement folk commoditising you, bookers asking for discounts and decision makers that won’t take your call, let alone meet with you.

To make and exceed targets, I believe sales people must differentiate their approach. Whether that means social selling, capitalising on insight or sharpening their negotiation skills. But all of this takes nerves of steel and sometimes it is as much about how they think as it is how they sell.

So what about me? Well, I’m a straight-forward, reasonably direct kind of person. People tell me that my training is engaging and insightful and they leave with lots of stuff that they’re excited to implement. But these days, it’s not just about classroom experiences. Our award winning digital sales training is CPD accredited and provides the perfect blended approach to deliver brilliant outcomes.

If you like lots of detail please go and check me out here
linkedin.com/in/helensandmanmgsp and send me a connection request, I’d love to hear from you.

Website: www.mgsalesperformance.com