The 2018 ASAP Convention will once again be held over two days, with additional workshops and interactive sessions taking place on Day 1 in addition to the evening drinks reception.  Day 2 will see the main plenary, keynote and motivational speakers and further breakout seminar sessions.

DAY 1 – December 5th 2018 – IOD, 116 Pall Mall,London

1330 – 1415 Registration & Networking

1415 – 1425 Welcome by CEO James Foice

1425 – 1510 Breakout Sessions

Session A – Motivational Business & Networking Speaker –  to be confirmed

Session B- WiH2020 – Women in Hospitality 2020  –  Diversity in the workplace is a hot topic and has been on the agenda of boards across the country for many years, becoming more high profile following the publication of Lord Davies’ report in 2011. Every day there is a new article, perspective, or a piece of research that shows that while progress has been made, it is too slow and there is still much to do.  Join Tea Colaianni Chair of the WiH2020 reviewing the outcomes of the report, and looking at how we, within the hospitality industry can become involved as they work to create executive level opportunity for women in hospitality, travel and leisure, achieving 33% female executive leadership by 2020.  The session with highlight the need to do more and how individual organisations can get involved with the Diversity in Hospitality, Travel and Leisure Charter.

Session C – PR Trends & Top Tips: How to attract the attention of the media & secure coverage?
Securing good media coverage for your business can be a constant challenge.  Our panel of experts will share their ideas and inspiration on how you can succeed in attracting the attention of the media. Becky Hoyle, our ASAP News Hub editor, who scans all the key new channels daily to select the most interesting stories for our news hub, as well as reviewing the news stories from ASAP members, will share her insights around new ideas to try and what approaches are most likely to succeed.

Andy Hoskins, Editor of The Business Travel Magazine, who publish the Annual Guide to Serviced Apartments for the corporate traveller, as well as covering our sector news extensively both in the magazine and in their online bulletins, will  bring us the perspective from a leading business travel publication on what news story angles are of greatest interest to them and are most likely to be reported and their top tips on how you can work with them most effectively.

1510 – 1535 Coffee Break & Networking

1535 – 1620 Breakout Sessions

Session D – Arc of Motivation: autonomy, relatedness and competence. Everyone will always want the magic and easy answer to “how to motivate?”.  Join Janice Ward from Forward Learning and Development who facilitates the Leadership Courses in the ASAP Academy who will be considering the ARC of motivation: autonomy, relatedness and competence and the effect of own behaviour on motivation and how this impacts motivation and engagement.

Session E – Health & Safety Compliance – As we face future challenges in the areas of health, safety and compliance, we will focus on the Hackett report and its implication for the serviced apartment sector following the Grenfell disaster.  Lee Matthews, Director and Steve Broadbelt, Principal Environment Health Consultant from Common Sense Compliance will update on fire safety enforcement post Grenfell, reviewing fire risk assessments and out of hours cover/procedures and the impact on the sector. They will be joined by Stephen Martin, Managing Director of ISAAP who manages the ASAP Quality Accreditation Process who will highlight key information of the programme in relation to health and safety for serviced apartment Operators.

Session F – The Opportunities of social media marketing strategy for SME’s  – Join Ian Miller from award winning digital agency Crafted to learn what the future holds for SME’s and the use of social media in marketing strategy.  Considering Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Ian will offer an overview of the key opportunities for SME’s to utilise via this onward growing method of marketing.  Share your current strategies and learn what you could be doing to raise awareness of your brand often through opportunities which offer a great ROI for little expenditure.  Ask the expert questions on how you can improve and what tips you can implement on the return to your business.

1620 – 1730 Industry Expert & Campfire Sessions & Exhibitor engagement

Grab a tea or coffee and engage with a selection of key industry experts and campfire discussion sessions during an informal session for the afternoon or via one to one sessions with the industry experts and onsite exhibitors.  Choose how you wish to engage, network and learn.

The one to one sessions will give you the opportunity to pose one question that you need help with or to attend an industry campfire session for group discussions on best practice, “how to’s” and learn how your pees are working through the current challenges and how you can embrace the future.

During this session you will have the opportunity to engage with industry leaders and experts, whether via a one on one opportunity or via Industry campfires which will offer great opportunities for discussions of best practice, “how to’s” and learn how your industry peers are working through the current challenges so they can embrace the future.  Also an opportunity to engage with exhibitors in attendance and to learn more about the products on offer


Industry Campfires – Discussion Groups

You have the opportunity to attend 3 campfires throughout the afternoon or engage with the industry experts who will be in attendance.  Each campfire session will run at each available time enabling delegates to make a selection of up to three sessions/topics. sessions of your choice
Session 1 1625 – 1645                        Session 2 1650 – 1710                      Session 3 1715 – 1735

Campfire 1  GDPR – 7 months on what are the recent changes, what should we still be doing to ensure compliance? Quick overview on the current landscape, what does the future hold for GDPR compliance? The opportunity to discuss best practice of the GDPR compliance and regulations with a GDPR expert and industry peers.

Campfire 2 – Online Reviews & Technology – Michael Kessler ReviewPro  The session will consider the importance of online reviews in driving the business into the future, its impact on guest experience and how companies can best use the information to improve their ongoing service levels.  The session will be joined by Michael Kessler from ReviewPro who will identify how ReviewPro and the technology can be utilised by companies to improve the guest experience and drive business forward into the future.

Campfire 3 – Business Rates

Campfire 4 – HR employee retention and engagement

Campfire 5 – Technology in the Industry

Campfire 6 – TBC

Campfire 7 – TBC

Campfire 8 – TBC

Campfire 9 – TBC

Ask The Industry Experts – one on one short sessions.

The industry experts will be available during the afternoon session for you to engage with at your leisure throughout this session.Attendees will have the opportunity to pose a question, raise a concern or ask for initial advice to the industry experts via a brief 5 minute discussion slot.

Industry Data – STRSTR is the source for premium global data benchmarking, analytics and marketplace insights. The data we provide is confidential, reliable, accurate and actionable. Our comprehensive solutions, analytics, and unrivalled marketplace insights are built to fuel our clients’ growth and help them make better business decisions.

Quality Accreditation Programme – ISAAP – The ASAP Quality Accreditation Programme is the leading global quality assessment, reporting, recognition, and accreditation system for the serviced apartments sector of the hospitality industry, use this opportunity to engage with Stephen Martin Managing Director of ISAAP to find out more on the programme, the process and additional available bespoke products such as Competitive Data Analsyis, Building Accreditation and Mystery Guest programmes which can help you embrace the challenges of the future.

ASAP Leadership AcademyLearn more about the ASAP Academy and the leadership courses available, engage with those who deliver the courses and learn about how you can be involved in the future courses, how can your company and employees benefit in the future from the leadership courses or is there a specific training question that you’d like to pose?

PR & Marketing – ASAP News Hub – engage with the team who work on the news hub, ask a question on how you can raise awareness of your brand through PR and how you can spread the word of your company, your achievements and to grow awareness of the sector into the future.

Legal –  Charles Russel Speechlys – engage with the representative from Charles Russell Speechlys – a leading law firm headquartered in London in combining specialist business law and private client advice internationally.

Insurance – Ashley Page Insurance Brokers – engage with the representatives from Ashley Page who are developing sector specific products.  With an emphasis on cyber and risk management discuss your direct insurance related questions and learn more to ensure that you have the right cover.

Health and Safety  – TBC

1730 – 2000 – Evening Drinks Reception An opportunity to network with event delegates, exhibitors and sponsors during an informal drinks reception and canapes sponsored by Criton

DAY 2 – December 6th – etc venues, 155 Bishopsgate, London

0830-0920 Registration, Energiser Breakfast, Networking & Exhibition

0920 – 1000 Main Plenary – Opening welcome from Day 2 Compere Mike Ashton.  The session will include a welcome and update from ASAP CEO James Foice and ASAP Chair.  We will highlight the key achievements of the past year and highlight the future of things to come for the association with a focus on collaboration and the growth of the sector and how everyone can get involved.  We will welcome Mary Ann B.Passi from the CHPA to the stage to discuss the collaboration between CHPA and ASAP

1000 – 1100 Keynote Speaker Jim Lawless “Taming Tigers”  For decades, we have over-complicated “change”. If we want to change the outcome, we change the input. We “Do Things Differently”. Simple, but not easy.  This skill is now a professional core competency as we transition out of the Industrial Age and into the Ideas Economy. It can require courage, cognitive awareness and self-knowledge. But it is simple – not complicated. We can all learn how to do it and how to lead others to do it.

Jim Lawless’ practical framework for ‘doing things differently’ – including things that people initially doubt can be done at all – has been used in large scale change programs around the world, is delivered as a keynote in over 100 conferences supporting change and performance shift each year and is contained in his best-selling book; “Taming Tigers” (Random House).

He used the framework himself to “do things differently”. He left his career in corporate law to establish his company. He did things differently to go from non-riding overweight consultant to televised jockey in 12 months (whilst working). He used the framework to become the UK’s deepest free diver – the first to dive past 100m without a tank.

1100 – 1130 Mid Morning Refresher, Networking & Exhibition

1130 – 1215 Breakout Sessions

Session 1 – Brexit and its future impact on the workforceJoin John Guthrie, Employment Policy Advisor with UKHospitality who will discuss Brexit and its impact on future labour force within HospitalityThe session will highlight what the industry is facing as a result, and identify key objectives in the engagement and retention of the workforce as we face Brexit and what can we do as Brexit looms to secure our workforce and limit the impact on our businesses.  Opportunity live Q&A for you to raise concerns and questions on the right to remain processes.

Session 2 – Data Trends Growth and Future of the Sector – Hear from Marie Hickey, Director Commercial Research at Savills and Dennis Spitra from STR with an industry overview of the past 12 months, highlighting key data trends and what the future of the sector holds.

Session 3 – Technology – A panel discussion as we highlight what the future holds for the sector and the involvement of technology.  Its impact, growth and how it can be used to drive businesses forward, grow business and enhance the guest experience.  We will be joined by Dan Dickinson Director of IT from SACO The Serviced Apartment Company and Julie Grieve Director of Criton as we look at the challenges and what the future holds.

1215 – 1330 – Lunch, Networking, and Exhibition

1330 – 1415 – Keynote Speaker – Andy Edwards – “I’ve upped my interpersonal skills – up yours!” Combining the psychology of relationships with models of human behaviour, Andy’s session addresses why people get on – or not! And how we can all adapt and connect with different types of personality for the best possible results in business (and life!) What do people really think of us? Does it matter? Should we care? Why? The Relationomics equation. The combination of just 5 elements equals success in ANY business… and ‘Expertise’ is not one of them. Self awareness. The Ancient Greeks knew that to ‘Know Yourself’ was a huge social and economic advantage… is this still true today? Understanding self and others using the colour model. The introduction of a simple psychometric model of behaviour to help us understand and relate to others ‘not like us’. Good day & bad day behaviour. To recognise that, whatever annoys us about someone is actually based on a strength. And we can be just as annoying to them! Recognising and adapting to types. How to read colleagues or clients simply by observing them walk into the room and speak. Life Hacks. A few psychological tricks of the trade… ‘Manipulation’ or ‘Influence? You decide!  Going the extra mile? When attitude wins over competence – and why the extra mile is completely unnecessary!

Understand what really makes people tick, have the ability to read people quicker and more easily, improve communication skills and gain a deeper level of appreciation of relationships and achieve an enhanced morale, productivity, positivity and performance within the workplace and receive your own set of colour ‘Profiling’

1415 – 1435 Coffee, Networking, and Exhibition

1435 – 1520 Breakout Sessions

Session 4 – Diversity and Inclusion with Stephen Frost from Frost Included

The purpose of Frost Included is to help people understand diversity and inclusion, lead inclusively, and together create a better world. Stephen and his team have worked with hundreds of clients globally to embed inclusive leadership into their decision-making. During the session with Stephen, he will deliver and facilitate honest and fresh conversations to build an essential foundation for the important work of diversity and inclusion to occur. He will help you to understand diversity and inclusion, and provide solutions for your organisation to lead inclusively.

Session 5 – Inside GovernmentUnderstanding government policy making processes including how we can influence it through lobbying. What areas of policy do those in the industry want to lobby on and how can you get involved. Updates on current status from the Tourism Alliance.

Session 6 – Creating a memorable guest experience through designMeasuring Memorable experience is a hot topic in the sector currently, join Tom Lindblom, Principal from Gensler for the session as we look to highlight what makes a memorable guest experience and how this can be implemented into our businesses regardless of operational size.

1520 – 1545 Afternoon Refresher, Networking, and Exhibition

1545 – 1630 OTA’s Panel discussion Mike Ashton will lead the panel discussion as we consider the impact of OTA’s, Rate Parity & Future trends on the sector. Pose your questions live to the panel including OTA, Agent and Operator representatives as we discuss the future of OTA’s within the sector and its impact on sector change and growth.  Whose client is it? What is the impact of rate parity?  Pose your questions HERE in advance or on the day.

1630 – 1715 Grand Panel Facilitated by event compere Mike Ashton this is your opportunity to put questions to our Grand Panel via a live Q&A session.  What does the future hold for the sector?  Raise your questions to our panel of industry leaders.Pose your question in advance HERE or on the day.

1715  Closing Session Round up of the day from event compere Mike Ashton

1730 – 1845 Evening Drinks Reception

1845 – 2345 ASAP Gala Dinner featuring the 2018 Serviced Apartment Industry Awardsjoin us for an evening of celebrating excellence as a welcoming drinks reception will be followed by a 3 course dinner with wine and then celebrate the presentation of the industry leading and pioneering 2018 ASAP Serviced Apartment Industry Awards.  The evening will be hosted by comedian Ian Irving who will be bringing a smile and a comedy set to the evening as we celebrate the achievements from the record number of entries into this years programme.

For any programme enquiries please contact

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