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DAY 2 – December 6th – etc venues, 155 Bishopsgate, London

0830 – 0920 Registration, Energiser Breakfast, Networking & Exhibition

0920 – 1000 Main Plenary

Opening plenary session which will include:
Welcome by event compere Mike Ashton: Managing Director, ABCG
ASAP Update and overview – James Foice FIH, ASAP CEO
Chairman’s Welcome - Doug Greenwood: Director of Sales and Marketing, Cheval Residences Ltd, ASAP Chairman
ASAP and CHPA Collaboration – Mary Ann B. Passi: CEO, CHPA and James Foice FIH: CEO, ASAP

1000 – 1100 Keynote Speaker Jim Lawless “Taming Tigers”
For decades, we have over-complicated “change”. If we want to change the outcome, we change the input. We “Do Things Differently”. Simple, but not easy. This skill is now a professional core competency as we transition out of the Industrial Age and into the Ideas Economy. It can require courage, cognitive awareness and self-knowledge. But it is simple – not complicated. We can all learn how to do it and how to lead others to do it. Jim Lawless’ practical framework for ‘doing things differently’ – including things that people initially doubt can be done at all – has been used in large scale change programs around the world, is delivered as a keynote in over 100 conferences supporting change and performance shift each year and is contained in his best-selling book; “Taming Tigers” (Random House). He used the framework himself to “do things differently”. He left his career in corporate law to establish his company. He did things differently to go from non-riding overweight consultant to televised jockey in 12 months (whilst working). He used the framework to become the UK’s deepest free diver – the first to dive past 100m without a tank.

1100 – 1130 Mid Morning Refresher, Networking & Exhibition

1130 – 1215 Breakout Sessions

Session 1Session 2Session 3
Brexit, Immigration and the future of the employment MarketData Trends Growth and Future of the SectorThe Experience Index from the Gensler Research Institute
John Guthrie, will discuss the future impact of Brexit on the Hospitality sector. The session will highlight key challenges and what the future holds as well as what can be done by organisations to prepare for and limit the impact of Brexit on the workforce within their businesses. Group discussions of the challenges, best practice and solutions such as employee engagement and retention, will identify key strategic opportunities for attendees to face the challenges of Brexit within the future.State of the Nation – a review of the past 12 months and what the future holds for the Serviced Apartment Sector. Hear from Marie Hickey, and Dennis Spitra from STR with an industry overview of the past 12 months, highlighting key data trends and what the future of the sector holds in terms of changes, challenges and predicted growth.The Index provides data and insight into the many demands and choices that influence the guest experience in the hospitality industry today. It reveals several factors that matter most for a successful project — from design features to guest behaviour and expectations, elements of service, technology, and marketing. Join Tom Lindblom as he shares the extensive research, its key findings and how the industry can use these findings to create their own memorable guest experiences.
John Guthrie: Employment Policy Advisor, UKHospitality
Facilitator: Evelyn Haran: Chief Operating Office (UK) and Brand Standards Manager Europe, PREMIER SUITES
Marie Hickey: Director Commercial Research, Savills
Dennis Spitra: Director of Business Development, STR
Tom Lindblom AIA: Principal, Gensler London

1215 – 1330 – Lunch, Networking, and Exhibition

1330 – 1415 – Keynote Speaker – Andy Edwards – “I’ve upped my interpersonal skills – up yours!”
Combining the psychology of relationships with models of human behaviour, Andy’s session addresses why people get on – or not! And how we can all adapt and connect with different types of personality for the best possible results in business (and life!) What do people really think of us? Does it matter? Should we care? Why? The Relationomics equation. The combination of just 5 elements equals success in ANY business… and ‘Expertise’ is not one of them. Self awareness. The Ancient Greeks knew that to ‘Know Yourself’ was a huge social and economic advantage… is this still true today? Understanding self and others using the colour model. The introduction of a simple psychometric model of behaviour to help us understand and relate to others ‘not like us’. Good day & bad day behaviour. To recognise that, whatever annoys us about someone is actually based on a strength. And we can be just as annoying to them! Recognising and adapting to types. How to read colleagues or clients simply by observing them walk into the room and speak. Life Hacks. A few psychological tricks of the trade… ‘Manipulation’ or ‘Influence? You decide! Going the extra mile? When attitude wins over competence – and why the extra mile is completely unnecessary! Understand what really makes people tick, have the ability to read people quicker and more easily, improve communication skills and gain a deeper level of appreciation of relationships and achieve an enhanced morale, productivity, positivity and performance within the workplace and receive your own set of colour ‘Profiling’

1415 – 1435 Afternoon Refresher, Networking, and Exhibition

1435 – 1520 Breakout Session

Session 4Session 5Session 6
5 Hours Behind, 15 years ahead – navigating the noise!Diversity is a reality. Inclusion is a choice. Creating lasting impact for your business through diversity and inclusion. Inside Government
Brian David Johnson, Futurist who has been working with the CHPA will join us via live link from New York to highlight the findings of extensive research and the five biggest long term challenges the sector is facing over the next 10-15 years. Mary Ann Passi and James Foice will raise awareness of the CHPA and ASAP Collaboration, the launch of series 2 of industry related podcasts “Navigate the Noise” and the opportunity for attendees to highlight key challenges within their business to be able to prioritise future objectives and collaborative partnerships. The purpose of Frost Included is to help people understand diversity and inclusion, lead inclusively, and together create a better world. Stephen and his team have worked with hundreds of clients globally to embed inclusive leadership into their decision-making. During the session with Stephen, he will deliver and facilitate honest and fresh conversations to build an essential foundation for the important work of diversity and inclusion to occur. He will help you to understand diversity and inclusion, and provide solutions for your organisation to lead inclusively.The serviced apartment sector is growing in popularity across both the corporate and tourist markets. However, it remains very poorly understood amongst policymakers and opinion formers in the UK. How can this industry represent itself with the imminent challenges facing us after Brexit? What will the impact be on the serviced apartment industry if it does not become recognised by policy makers? What are the key current policies and what impact will they have on the sector? This session, we explore governments priorities from within trying to understand how we best improve awareness and raise the sectors profile.
Brian David Johnson: Futurist, Arizona State University
Mary Ann B.Passi: CEO, CHPA
James Foice: CEO, ASAP
Stephen Frost: CEO and Founder, Frost Included
Bernard Donoghue: Director, Association of Leading Visitor Attractions
Vernon Hunte: Associate Director (Public Affairs), AprilSix Proof
Carl Thomson: Director, Interel

1520 – 1545 Cake & Coffee Networking, and Exhibition

1545 – 1630 Panel Discussion OTA’s, Challenges, Opportunities and the future impact. Mike Ashton will lead the panel as we consider the impact of OTA’s, Rate Parity and Future trends on the sector. What impact do OTA’s have on the sector, how does it effect the guest experience and what are the challenges that operators face. Whose client is it? The difficulties of rate parity – the session will cover this and more with live voting and live Q&A as you post your questions to the panel for open discussion and debate. Submit your questions in advance HERE
Speakers: Guus Bakker: CEO, Frasers Hospitality UK. Nicola Catten: Area Manager, Booking.com. Helen Maher: Director Market Management, Expedia Group. David Smith: Director, City Apartments Ltd. Phil Stapleton: Managing Director, SITU
Mike Ashton: Managing Director, ABCG

1630 – 1710 Industry Grand Panel – You set the stage Compere Mike Ashton will lead the Grand Panel session as we are joined by key industry leaders to discuss what the future holds for the sector. With live Q&A delegates can submit their questions via the event app to the panel for discussion. Highlighting the challenges, the sector faces, how we can embrace the future to continue to raise the profile of the serviced apartment sector.
Speakers: Lee Curtis: Co-CEO and Founder, RESIDE Worldwide. Rebecca Hollants Van Loocke: COO EMEA, Frasers Hospitality. Kate Nichols: CEO, UKHospitality. Tracey Stephenson: Managing Director, Staying Cool. John Wagner: Co-Founder, Cycas Hospitality. George Westwell: Director, Cheval Residences Ltd
Mike Ashton: Managing Director, ABCG

1715 Closing Session Round up of the day from event compere Mike Ashton

1715 – 1845 Evening Drinks Reception The final opportunity for convention attendees to network in an early evening informal drinks reception. Event ends at 1830 for those not attending the ASAP Gala Dinner.

1845 – 2345 ASAP Gala Dinner featuring the 2018 Serviced Apartment Industry Awardsjoin us for an evening of celebrating excellence as a welcoming drinks reception will be followed by a 3 course dinner with wine and then celebrate the presentation of the industry leading and pioneering 2018 ASAP Serviced Apartment Industry Awards. The evening will be hosted by comedian Ian Irving who will be bringing a smile and a comedy set to the evening as we celebrate the achievements from the record number of entries into this years programme.

For any programme enquiries please contact events@theasap.org.uk


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